Why Hire Sandra Wood Consulting?

Organisations have a wide variety of consulting firms vying for their business. So, what are the most important considerations in selecting a human resource consulting firm?

1. Level of Experience

The most important reason for selecting a firm should be their actual work experience and the results they have achieved. We have actually worked as Senior HR and Learning and Development Managers in a range of organisations. This first hand and extensive experience of ours helps us understand the challenges that organisations face and the constraints under which you operate.The members of the team at Sandra Wood Consulting have many years of experience in working through the challenges of managing, developing and retaining employees. We are able to address the considerations you have as an organisation in terms of time, quality, cost and effectiveness.

2. Cost Effectiveness

We are cost effective. We keep our overheads low by running as a virtual business. This allows us to provide top quality work for you at a price that isn’t going to blow your budget.

3. Long-Term Partnership

We are interested in working with you over the long haul. Your needs will change over time, and we can help keep you up to date. But we also view our work as a partnership. It’s not US telling YOU how to do things. It’s a joint effort aimed at achieving your business objectives.

We get to know your business – we care about your business – and for this reason we get a lot of repeat work and referrals.

4. Measurable Results

Our focus is on results and we measure and communicate these results to our clients. We always ask what outcome you would like and how you will know it has been achieved. We can then design our programs to achieve your outcomes. We listen carefully to ensure that we understand what you want to achieve, and wherever possible look for measures of success, whether through evaluations or use of diagnostics. We like evidence as much as you do.

5. Responsiveness

Your requests for information are addressed promptly and courteously. We understand that managing your organisation’s time is just as important as managing your expenses.

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