Leadership and Management Development Training

Sandra has been the key leadership development consultant for 7 years for the Senior Management Team at Waverley. This has required her to develop and deliver training, and work on an individual basis with myself and at least 5 Directors at any one time to facilitate the achievement of individual development goals. The development goals have been at times quite challenging and potentially confronting to the individuals involved.

Sandra, you have demonstrated great skill in:

  • Building trust with the individual senior managers in both your level of skill, your ethics and the process
  • Developing an excellent, tailored process to enable learning goals to be identified, even when it was very challenging to do so
  • Assisting senior managers to create individualised development plans to achieve goals and be able to measure success
  • Supporting senior managers to achieve their goals through the use of a variety of mechanisms that suited the needs and styles of the individual managers
  • Being available and appropriately supportive and challenging, resulting in the senior mangers getting through blockages and difficulties that otherwise may have been insurmountable obstacles to development.

Many behaviour changes and observable skill development have resulted from your high quality work with our senior team. You have demonstrated a great ability to work with very different individuals to support them in achieving their development goals.
I am very happy to supply a testimonial about your skills.

Ms Kim Anson
General Manager
Waverley Council

PKF has been using Sandra Wood’s services for over 3 years and have found the programs of high quality with Sandra consistently delivering excellent presentations and consistently receiving high evaluations and feedback.

Sarah Barrell
Human Resources – Training
PKF Chartered Accountants


In August 2006, I was appointed to a senior management role within our organisation. While I had some experience in coordinating programs, I had not managed a team before, let alone one that was going through tumultuous change! While I felt I was able to do the job, I needed guidance in developing a positive management style to make the hard decisions, but also create a positive team environment. Sandra Wood had already worked with our organisation facilitating high quality outcomes, so I approached her regarding a Leadership Mentoring Program. Through the program I gained a holistic picture of my strengths and areas for improvement. More importantly I learned that being a better manager was not all about my management skills, but rather relaxing on the perfectionism and having balance in my life. Sandra’s ongoing tailor-made support and advice throughout the program, allowed me to handle many aspects of my job much better than I otherwise would have. I now have a long term development plan that will ensure I manage the staff and services well while looking after myself in the process! I was thankful to have done this so early in my career as a manager. I would recommend anyone looking to develop their management and leadership skills to participate in this program.

Dr Maree Doble, Director of Programs, The Shepherd Centre

I was at a stage in my professional life where I needed direction in improving my leadership skills. With Sandra’s wealth of knowledge and insight I was able to identify the underlying issues that affected my behaviour and hence my leadership ability. Sandra worked openly with me to develop simple tools to replace old self defeating habits with new positive ones. The result was a substantial improvement in my professional and personal life. My relationships with others have been enhanced, I achieve more quality outcomes with less effort and I have a better life balance which means less stress! I’m grateful to have worked with Sandra. She truly saved me from burnout and increased my emotional intelligence and self discipline so that I could become a better leader (and person).

Bobbi McIlwraith, Divisional Manager Bondi and Beaches
Waverley Council




Thank you very much for the excellent job you did facilitating our retreat. We have received a number of emails from staff who thanked us for holding the retreat. Peter and I were impressed by the way that you did exactly what we asked of you. Well done!! The retreat overall achieved the goals that we had set which included team building and dealing with conflict. Thank you again.

Yours faithfully

Lionel Rattenbury, PARTNER, Armstrong Legal


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