Coaching & 360 Degree Feedback

Coaching supports a person to get from functional to exceptional. It helps leaders and managers find what might be blocking them from achieving their personal best and working with them to remove the block or providing the necessary skills and resources for them to do so.

A survey conducted by the Corporate Leadership Council found that Coaching and the creation of a Leadership Development Plan are two of the most effective leadership development methodologies available.

Why is Coaching so useful for Leaders and Managers?

The answer is feedback – honest, open and supportive feedback -provided using data and expert skills. Feedback is how adults learn what is working and what is not. And senior management have less access to feedback than many other roles.

Our Approach to Coaching

We offer an evidence-based approach to coaching using a multi-rater or 360 degree instrument to provide feedback on how participants perceive their management behaviours and style compared with how they are perceived by others. We believe this approach, where participants can actually measure improvements made over time is the most effective in achieving sustained behavioural change. The more awareness you have and the more you know about the impact of your behaviour, the more effective you can become.

We get results!

For the individual and the organisation, the results provide a practical means to improve performance: 90% of managers who have participated in this process have demonstrated marked improvement in their re-test results and level of effectiveness 9-12 months later. The industry norm for improvement is 50%.

What form of assessment do we use?

We are accredited to use:

Human Synergistics Life Skills Inventory (LSI)– this instrument measures behavioural and thinking styles and is a very effective professional development tool.

  • Bar On EQi and EQ360– these instruments measure emotional intelligence traits.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – measures personality preferences

We can also develop tailor made 360 degree feedback questionnaires based on your organisational values, leadership model or leadership competencies.

We guarantee that the assessment process is confidential and supportive and we provide comprehensive information to participants and raters up front.

What’s in it for you?

Our assessment and coaching process enables leaders and managers to:

  • Define: their behaviour, temperament, skill and performance levels
  • Pinpoint: strengths and development potential
  • Identify: obstacles to effectiveness
  • Introduce: result-oriented behaviours and new techniques

How can coaching benefit your organisation? Read the comments of one of our clients:

“In August 2006, I was appointed to a senior management role within our organisation. While I had some experience in coordinating programs, I had not managed a team before, let alone one that was going through tumultuous change! While I felt I was able to do the job, I needed guidance in developing a positive management style to make the hard decisions, but also create a positive team environment.

Sandra Wood had already worked with our organisation facilitating high quality outcomes, so I approached her regarding a Leadership Development Program. Through the program I gained a holistic picture of my strengths and areas for improvement.

More importantly I learned that being a better manager was not all about my management skills, but rather relaxing on the perfectionism and having balance in my life. Sandra’s ongoing tailor-made support and advice throughout the program, allowed me to handle many aspects of my job much better than I otherwise would have.

I now have a long-term development plan that will ensure I manage the staff and services well while looking after myself in the process! I was thankful to have done this so early in my career as a manager. I would recommend anyone looking to develop their management and leadership skills to participate in this program.”Dr Maree Doble, Director of Programs, The Shepherd Centre

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