7 Signature Courses to build skills and develop your people

1. Leading at Your Personal Best (PB) – 3 days or tailored to suit

Leading at your PB strengthens abilities, uplifts motivation and spirit, and teaches executives and senior managers how to get extraordinary things done in organisations. The program is built around 6 modules that can be delivered off or on site over 3 days or tailored to suit your needs.

2. What Great Managers Do Differently 2 days

GREAT MANAGERS are different – they know themselves, set clear expectations of what outcomes are required, and develop and motivate people by focusing on their strengths. They also know how to select the right people. Great Managers know that they only achieve results through their people. This program provides skills and techniques that help a manager ‘stand out in the crowd’ and is based on the Gallup organisation’s excellent research. Managers are the critical variable in retaining good staff. How effective are your managers?

3. Successful Supervising – 2 days

This course provides the foundation skills for supervisors and team leaders. With the majority of career promotions based on technical competence it is easy to become a ‘supervisor’ without being given any training or assistance on how to deal with the complexities of supervising people. Each participant comes away with a complete toolkit of skills that can be applied immediately back on the job.

4. Building High Performing Teams – 1 or 2 days

Teams need to be developed to reach a point of high performance. This course works through 5 levels that will build the capability of team members and enhance team performance. A great course for teams who would like to improve their results and relationships.

5. Developing Emotional Intelligence. What’s Your EQ? – 1 day

Twenty plus years of research indicates that high emotional intelligence is associated with superior performance at work. Emotional intelligence or EQ is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions within ourselves and with others. Basically it is about how we manage ourselves and work with others. This course provides an in–depth experience of the facets of emotional intelligence and is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

6. Best Practice Recruitment – 1 day

Hiring the right people is essential for any organisation. In this workshop, you will learn best practice recruitment methods and techniques and how to identify the key competencies (characteristics that differentiate outstanding performers from average performers in a given job) and build those competencies into your hiring and selection process. Recruitment is a risky practice – make sure you are giving it your best shot!

7. Proactive Performance Management – 1 day

This course takes a positive and active approach to managing performance. It provides skills in giving and receiving feedback as well as techniques and processes for having meaningful performance discussions. At the end of this course managers will feel more confident about having performance conversations and  know how to get employees to be more accountable for managing their own performance. These new skills can really take the pressure off managers.

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